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Curve Compression Socks

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Product Description

While you can't do without the riding, you can improve your training even when you're off the bike. Curve's Compression Socks aid by helping your recovery through gentle compression of the muscles and vessels in your lower leg. Curve knits them so that they provide gradient compression. This ensures that they put an engineered squeeze from the toes up to help your body do what it already does. And the best part is that you can help out while you're working, enjoying dinner, or riding in a car.Like other Curve socks, the Compression Socks use SST silver infused polypropylene yarns that help repel bacteria that make socks stinky. The polypro also aids in the moisture wicking process, keeping your feet drier and happier. They have a high density footbed to provide some cushion for comfort and the reinforced toe and heel give them plenty of durability. The tall ribbed cuff is designed to go over the calf, and the knit pattern is designed to provide exacting compression or stretch to particular parts of the leg.The Curve Compression Socks are Black and are available in three sizes from Medium to X-Large.

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Will this exposed gap between dust cover and compression ring?

So my LBS did a great job replacing ball bearings. They mentioned that the some of the prior ball bearings were smashed due to overcompression and that they would have to shiv to reduce the load. Bike works fine, but now there is a gap between dust cover and compression ring. My question is will t ... Read More »

Specialized compression caps

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I just found out last night that the annoying squeaking that I had been investigating for months was coming form my headset. I took the cap off an found that the star nut was broken and ready to pop out. I went to the bike store and asked for a compression plug since it seems like a more reliable sy ... Read More »

Sleeveless Compression Base Layer Shirt in the Summer?

Does anyone have experience wearing sleeveless compression base layer top in the summer? At first I felt they were too tight but after a few uses I did get used to them and like them a lot. I'm wondering how they fair in the summer (sometimes 96+ degree weather)? Are they still comfortable or too ... Read More »

Cycling Specific Compression Shorts/Bibs

Does anyone use them? Got an ad for Kinetik brand (through Active.com). Look nice, but really do not need another pair of shorts now. Curious if the benefit is real.Read More »

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