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Curve Pro SL Socks

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MSRP : $19.00

Product Description

Some feet smell worse than others, but no matter where your feet fall in the stink spectrum, you'll benefit from the silver infused SST polypropylene yarns and BioNG anti-bacterial treatment that these Curve Pro SL Socks employ. These are socks made for high mileage riders. The Curve Fit System guarantees a proper sock fit with the Pro SL Socks. They have a high density footbed that provides the cushion you'll want inside ultra-stiff carbon soled shoes. The toe features a flat seam that's unobtrusive and is reinforced along with the heel and Achilles area for abrasion protection and durability. The entire forefoot is knit mesh to aid breathability on sweltering summer days, save for a strip of rib knit material that spans the arch. This strip places some support across your foot and keeps the sock from twisting or sliding around, causing discomfort or worse, blisters. The Curve Pro SL Socks have a tall, 14cm cuff and are available in Black and White. They come in three sizes -- Medium, Large, and X-Large.

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