DeMarchi Contour Plus Socks

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Dressing for winter weather without addressing your feet is the short and fast way to turn your ride around and head back home. We have two suggestions for keeping your feet happy -- cover your head and wear appropriate footwear. In addition to dedicated winter shoes or shoe covers, you'll want toasty warm socks like these De Marchi Contour Plus Socks.They're thicker than your average cycling sock, especially at the toes, heel, and under the foot. So if your favorite cycling shoes are tight with your summer socks on, you may consider adding another pair to your closet so that you can wear thicker socks in the winter. Ask yourself this question -- did you have cold feet last year? De Marchi knits the Contour Plus Socks from Techno Wool, a blend of 70% Merino wool with some Lycra and polyester as well. You'll get all the wicking, insulating, and anti-stink benefits of wool with the stretch and durability of the synthetic materials. The De Marchi Contour Plus Socks are Black and are available in small, Medium, and Large. They have a 12cm rib knit cuff.

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