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If you're lucky, the end of your racing season transitions nicely into a fall season of cooler, but not cold, weather. For those perfect days rediscovering familiar roads in the amber light of autumn, you may not want full-on winter socks. Rather you'll need something a touch lighter, but that will keep your feet warmer than your summer socks. The De Marchi Contour Socks are a perfect choice for brisk days on the bike.They're knit from De Marchi's Thermolite material along with a touch of nylon and lycra for durability and stretch. The Thermolite gives the Contour Socks ample insulating quality without bulking up your foot. This means you can wear your summer shoes without feeling too cramped or without actually restricting your circulation. The De Marchi Contour Socks are Grey and come in Small, Medium, and Large sizes. They have a 9cm tall rib knit cuff.

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Contour Roam2 video camera

Has anyone got one? I am quite fond of it as it looks sleek (GoPro looks plain silly when on a bicycle or a helmet!) and it is waterproof to 1 meter out of the box. I'd like to hear some real life reviews though. [url= ... Read More »

Contour Cameras Closed Doors This Past Week

Best Buy has the Contour Roam 2 discounted down to $99.00, and Contour accessory products 1/2 off. I had to drive 35 miles and that particular BB only had two left. I bought the Outdoor Mounts for $23. regular $39.99Read More »

Contour ROAM2 $157.99 at BTD

The Contour ROAM2 helmet cam has been marked down to $157.99 at Bike Tires Direct. Of course, you have to be logged in to see the price, but membership is always free. [url=]Contour Roam 2 Camera at BikeTiresDirect[/url] Alternativel ... Read More »

Contour +2 settings a lavalier microphone question

I just bought a Contour +2 to document my daily commute and I'd like to hear how others are using it in two ways: [LIST=1] [*]Video Settings - What video settings do you find work best for the presets that can be switched on the fly? [*]External Microphone - I've done a test video and found the ... Read More »

Contour ROAM2 Mounting Question

I recently got a Contour ROAM2 that I mounted on my stem, and I've noticed on the first few rides that the camera and mount together will rotate counterclockswise (camera is mounted on its side to the left) whenever I hit large enough bumps. I'm using the strap mount located here: [url=http://www ... Read More »

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