DeMarchi Contour Socks

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Product Description

If you're lucky, the end of your racing season transitions nicely into a fall season of cooler, but not cold, weather. For those perfect days rediscovering familiar roads in the amber light of autumn, you may not want full-on winter socks. Rather you'll need something a touch lighter, but that will keep your feet warmer than your summer socks. The De Marchi Contour Socks are a perfect choice for brisk days on the bike.They're knit from De Marchi's Thermolite material along with a touch of nylon and lycra for durability and stretch. The Thermolite gives the Contour Socks ample insulating quality without bulking up your foot. This means you can wear your summer shoes without feeling too cramped or without actually restricting your circulation. The De Marchi Contour Socks are Grey and come in Small, Medium, and Large sizes. They have a 9cm tall rib knit cuff.

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