Giordana Art Socks

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  • Super-comfortable and breathable stretch-to-fit fabric

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Bikes as art

Not sure I'd ride / buy any of these, but it was fun to read. [url=]BBC - Autos - The 10 most beautiful bicycles[/url]Read More »

Bike Art Shillage NNC

Hi Kids. Mentioned I have a new home at a shop here in Austin. We're doing a lot of online brands and are in a really great up and coming neighborhood. Tons of Art, food, music, etc. If you come to Austin, you're invited by, small cafe…T3 serves you free espresso for shoppers. Hell, I even make ... Read More »

Bike Art Prints, Cinelli Laser, Moser, LOOK,

Thought some of the more classic bike oriented RBR's may appreciate these. Numbered prints commissioned by the shop where I'm working. About 30 of each print exist. The manufacturers and some cycling media websites are going to start to run them over the next few days so I'm unsure how fast they'll ... Read More »

BUNDYGATE: O colored brother, where art thou?

[URL=""]An interesting take[/URL] on the Bundy meltdown: The context of Bundy's rant about how maybe Negroes were happier and healthier under slavery than freedom was hi ... Read More »

Heat Wave, Gators and Art plus a happy ending!

After yesterdays race we were pretty whooped so we were looking for a nice easy ride today. [ATTACH=CONFIG]293901[/ATTACH] We didn't get all that early of a start, I thought it was pretty warm but for some reason (likely this years fantastic winter) MissM decided she needed a vest. [ATTACH=CONF ... Read More »

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