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Giordana EXO system - jersey, bibs - any experience?

As the post says, any experience with the Giordana EXO system--jersey, bibs, etc.? Kind of a new approach, curious to know if it is all marketing or if it actually does 'work'.Read More »

SRAM exo 10 speed or Fulcrum RRS?

Hi thinking of updating my 2011 red cranks to either the new Red Exogram or a Fulcrum RRS. My interest is to improve the ankle clearance I feel I'm getting with my current crankset. The drive side bump just gets in the way. Curious how the fulcrum will work on my existing setup as I've always been ... Read More »

How to remove FSA Mega Exo Team Issue Carbon Cranks

I'm a bit confused and I just lack the experience to do this, but I'm trying to figure things out on my own. I know some cranks of self-extracting screws which require a spanner...but I don't see anything similar with these cranks. here are some photos: On the non-drive side i see this one scr ... Read More »

Bottom Bracket for FSA Mega Exo Crankset?

Hi, I have a FSA K force mega compact crankset (2005/2006 model) that I want to change the bottom bracket on. I am not overly impressed with the longevity of the FSA bottom bracket (BB-8000, I think), and would like to know if there any bottom brackets from other manufacturers that are compatible? ... Read More »

FSA Mega Exo

I have the above bb on my 2008 six13. I THINK I am getting creaking/popping noise from that area. I read a lot of bad reviews on this stock bb on the six13. anyone else having this problem? If so what did you do? And if you swapped for a different bb what did you choose? Did it solve the p ... Read More »

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