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Forum Report: Helmet Use, Gearing, and Cycling Socks

The Forum Report is a weekly round-up of the most talked about topics within the RoadBikeReview.com Forum, the world’s busiest road cycling forum. Find out what’s moving the needle this week.   Read More »

Capo Active Compression Socks

Capo for spring 2012 is introducing a new line of socks aptly named Active Compression Socks. The new socks offer a graduated compression starting in the footbed and extending all the way to the cuff to promote better blood flow and circulation - reducing muscle fatigue and shortening the recovery p ...    Read More »

Lin Performance Socks with New Hand-Linked Toe Seam!

Innovative Seamless toe, softer synthetic fibers and improved fit! North Logan, Utah (April 10, 2008) Our competitors must use the term “virtually seamless” because they use an under the toe seam, outside seam, or just a low profile seam. Our flagship feature is a true seamless toe that is hand- ...    Read More »

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Wind and water resistant or proof socks of quality? Differences?

Are the Castelli windstopper socks the way to go because the block all the wind on the front but breath out the back? Or are the full wrap around better? Hiking, fishing neoprene socks too much, too sweaty? Gore sock VS the others? Sugoi Resistor sock? Is it all the front or just the foot that b ... Read More »

Broken Ribs And The Hospital Socks Of Shame

They say that there are three or four things that anyone who wishes to be considered a "serious" cyclist must never do. The first is forgetting whether there are three or whether there are four things that you never do. A Serious Cyclist would never do that. It would be a totally bad show if ... Read More »

Michelin cycling socks, or, I clicked on an ad on this website.

Caught the Michelin promotion out of the corner of my eye, good thing ad blocker didn't block it. I actually thought the socks looked kind of cool, so I'm going for it. Wish me luck. [url=http://pro4.michelinbicycle.com/]Michelin Bicycle Tire Promotions[/url]Read More »

How Many Pairs of Cycling socks/shorts/jerseys/etc do you have?

How many pairs of: Cycling socks, shorts (also, bib or normal - I'm guessing bib), jerseys do you guys have? Wondering about how to save money but stay sanitary - could I wash my shorts (water) every day? Anyone do that?Read More »

Custom cycling socks

Looking for some help. I am trying to find a sock manufacturer for our team who can meet the following criteria: - small batches (say 50 pair) - 7" cuff height - compression/tight fit - one size fits most sizing I really like Swiftwick but their minimums are too high unfortunately. Defeet ... Read More »

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