Specialized Wool Trainer Socks

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Product Description

The wool blend keeps your feet warm in cool weather even when it's wet outside. Plus, these socks are also great for warm-weather riding thanks to wool's amazing insulating properties.

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NNC: Merino Wool Trainer vs 2in1 Windbreaker

Ok so it's getting pretty cold out on my commute here in C FL, tommorrow it could be in the low 50's on my commute, BRRR!! So i'm shopping for a jacket of some sort to keep my thin blood from freezing. I really like this wool trainer which could be worn off the bike but might not be as practicle f ... Read More »

Wool jersey/trainer alternatives...

I bought some cycling-esque sweaters at the Gap that I will be wearing for my winter or night time commutes. Some of it is very Rivendell looking. These long sleeve wool or wool blends are great for riding IMO. Not bad for $17-$40 considering how much cycling jerseys cost and how much those meri ... Read More »

Read More »



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