Zero Rh + Ergo 6 Socks

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The Zero RH+ Ergo 6 Sock's anatomic construction doesn't allow any slouching or bunching. Just smooth, breathable comfort in your bike shoe. The ankle-length cuff leaves your legs plenty of room to breathe on hot summer rides.

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Difference between Sidi Ergo 3 Vent & Genius 6.6 Carbon Vernice?

I'm debating between these 2 shoes. I know it depends on which is more comfy but what are the feature differences and your opinions on these 2 shoes? I'm currently using a mid-range Shimano R106 w/ carbon sole for the last 3 years.Read More »

Chas...Ergo Post in 31.6?

Chas, Are there any plans on offering the Ergo post iin a 31.6 option? If not, do you recommend any adapters/shims (a la U.S.E.) for the posts? Would using one void the warrenty on the post and/or LOOK frame (555). JRRead More »

Shoe Differences- Side Ergo 2 vs Genius 6.6

Sorry if it is not the right section i could see no other for this. Im looking at purchasing either from pbk, same price but which one is different. If so could sum1 recommend one over the other. Also with fitting, do most road shoes ie shimano vs sidi shoes fit roughly the same for size, ie can i ... Read More »

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