Zero Rh + Ergo Socks

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The Ergo Sock works as hard as you do on a long training ride.

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2014 Zipp Service Course SL70 vs SL70 Ergo bars

Does anyone here know the differences between the two bars? I know the Ergo has a flat/oval top, but how pronounced is it relative to the standard? Also, does it say "SL70 Ergo" anywhere on the bar itself? The reason I ask is that a shop installed the Ergo, but it feels and looks just like the SL ... Read More »

Looking for Ergo,Anatomical, Bars

I have the Shimano pro bars and the flat spot isn't long enough. Does anyone know of a bar that has a longer"flat spot for my larger hands?Read More »

8 Speed Ergo Sachs Shifter Not Holding Gear HELP!

I am new to campy but not new to cycling and repair work. I know these shifters are rebuildable and I am sure this is an easy fix I just don't know what part(s) need to be replaced. The shifter works fine in the stand. The indexing is a little mushy but not to bad. But as soon as you pull on the ca ... Read More »

Ergo comparison

Can an average man ride a smaller frame comfortably? As it turns out, yes. After a few adjustments, I’ve settled into (what is apparently) a 50 cm frame quite well. Fixing and riding this old steelie has been a real pleasure, but I wondered how a 5’10” man could fit so well on a bike designed for ... Read More »

Ergo drop bar 140-150mm with flat tops?

Does anyone make an aluminum drop bar with the flattened tops and a 140 to 150 mm drop (not compact)?Read More »

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