2Xu Compression Bib Tights/Pants

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Product Description

Slip your legs into a pair of the 2XU Compression Bib Tights for your next training ride and feel the difference muscle support makes. The Compression Bib Tights are constructed from 105 denier Lycra, and are designed to be worn directly against the skin. This tenacious material has more Lycra than 2XU's signature 70 denier, making it more compressive. The added denier increases muscle stabilization and reduces vibration and fatigue throughout your legs. Although the main goal of these tights is to compress, 2XU didn't skimp on anything else you need from your tights. Since compression in the bibs themselves isn't necessary, 2XU used sensor mesh on the bib straps. This high Lycra fabric has incredible stretch, so your movements aren't inhibited. Filament polyester yarn is woven into the Lycra blend to allow your skin to breathe through the bib straps.2XU didn't skimp on the chamois design, either. Utilizing fabrics from Italy, the anatomically designed chamois puts varied density cushioning where you need it most, under your sit bones, and tapers down towards your perineal area to avoid feeling like you have too much padding.The 2XU Compression Bib Tights come in Black with Red bib straps. They are available in five sizes, Small through XX-Large.

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