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We get excited any time a garment can serve multiple functions. It cuts down on spending, and in the case of the Castelli Ergo No Chamois Tights, it can do everything exceptionally well. The Ergo Tights come without a chamois, so you can use them over your favorite cycling shorts or for everything from Nordic skiing to running. The Ergos allow you to make the world your winter wonderland without fear of frostbite.The Castelli Ergo No Chamois Tights place an emphasis on multi-disciplinary comfort. Featuring a design that's principle purpose is a comfortable, barely-there fit; the Ergo Tights' performance is achieved through the use of Castelli's popular Thermoflex fabric. Thermoflex gives you the benefit of having lightweight, stretchy tights that warm like a light jacket on your legs and fit like you're off to the races. Thermoflex also features a fleecy inner lining that traps a layer of warm air on your skin while it wicks away moisture to the quick-drying Ergo surface. This process provides a consistent warmth and dryness that you'll appreciate when it's in the 40s. The Ergo has added extra comfort by incorporating flat silicone ankle grippers and reflective camlock ankle zippers.The Castelli Ergo No Chamois Tights are available in six sizes from Small to XXX-Large, and in the color Black.

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