Giordana Silverline Women's Bib Tights/Pants

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Product Description

If you intend on riding this winter, let us reiterate the obvious -- warmth is paramount. Simply put, your summer bib shorts aren't going to cut it in a toe-to-toe with Jack Frost. And, as desperate times call for desperate measures, winter calls for the Giordana Silverline Women's Bib Tights.Giordana's Silverline bib tights are constructed from a sophisticated blend of fabrics that share in the singular purpose of keeping you warm. Starting at the rear seat panels, the ThermoDream material has been incorporated for its thick, stretchy, and breathable qualities. Covering the front of the legs is Giordana's bread-and-butter winter-weight fabric, SuperRoubaix. This material uses an interlocking, microfiber knit construction that creates a highly breathable and warming loft. But, Giordana didn't only place it on the quads for warmth, SuperRoubaix is highly stretchable and also provides a slight compression that dissipates lactic acid buildup. Rounding out the tights' construction, the calves and hamstrings again use the ThermoDream microfiber. The reasoning behind its juxtaposition with Super Roubaix all comes down to density and weight. ThermoDream is a lighter weight material, and thus, more breathable. Yet, this makes it more susceptible to the infiltration of wind gusts. So, to strike the ideal balance between thermo-regulation and protection, Giordana reached the design that you see. Together, the materials work in harmony to keep you insulated, protected from the elements, and riding at your best.The Silverline bib tights use a curved, multi-panel design, that when combined with the malleable fabrics, anatomically conforms to your body's contours while providing complete freedom of movement. However, to preserve the fit while in motion, Giordana has included a silicone gripper at the cuffs. You'll also find camlock zippers at the ankles for both security and adjustability. Ultimately, though, the bib straps are the most prone to cause abrasion. Knowing this, Silverline uses the highly breathable NaxosMesh fabric for their construction. For extra ventilation, the 'rear window' over the small of the back is constructed from the PowerNet Mesh material. With the Silverline uppers, security doesn't come at the cost of chafing and sweat.Adding to the overall comfort is the Silverline's W.Nimbo O.F. chamois. Using a seamless construction, the chamois minimizes abrasion and helps to support the body in the saddle. Giordana designed the W.Nimbo in response to demands for a thicker, more substantial padding. So, the W.Nimbo has been given a variable density throughout the layers. This allows the chamois to anatomically follow the contours of your body by only bulking up the padding where it's necessary. For moisture management, the top layer features a microfiber construction that moves perspiration to the perimeter for rapid evaporation. The next layer is made from expanded memory foam with an open cell padding underneath it. Giordana also added indepe

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