Gore Bike Wear Power SO Tights/Pants

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Gore Bike Wear Power SO Tights(0x84533fb0)

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NUCLEAR POWER: I had no idea [there were so many!]

that there were so many effin nuclear power plants in the u.s., generating so much effin energy went spinning past indian point a while back, a beautiful ride really. and then i got a whiff of what they do they there. scared the bejeezus outa me. they say natural gas will make nuclear obsolet ... Read More »

Why do I have so much rep power?

Is it because of my stunning good looks? Or perhaps because I let everyone beat me in all NNC activities? Maybe people just feel bad for me and give me rep to make me feel better? I can’t figure it out, it’s an enigma I suppose.Read More »

so what's the rep power/point breakdown?

so I've got 65 rep. points...and only 16 power (17 now). whats the conversion rate? 8 points/subaru owned? 4 points/picture posted?Read More »

AZ & NV racers! Check out the Hunter Allen Power Seminar in So Cal!

Check out the links below for a full rundown on this seminar! It's going to be a blast! The Hunter Allen Seminar will include the following information: *Group ride with Hunter Allen *Types of power meters *How to start training with power *Measuring your threshold power & using it to develop accu ... Read More »

So, I am watching Power Rangers with the kid.

Something seemed oddly familiar about the show and I think that I finally figured it out. If this show had a scantily clad coed who was lonely in her apartment, a studly "delivery guy" who happens to stop at the wrong door at the right time, and some "boom chicka bow bow" music, it would be porn. ... Read More »

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