Louis Garneau Protect Tights/Pants

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We love when can use our clothing and gear for multiple sports. If you're on the same page as us, you'll like the Louis Garneau Protect Tights. With the lack of a chamois, the Protect Tights' warming, multi-panel construction is ideal worn over your favorite bib shorts, or for Nordic skiing on your local track. However you use them, the Protect Tights provide consistent insulation from the winter wonderland around you.The Louis Garneau Protect Tights are constructed in a 12-panel design with Garneau's Heatmaxx and Light Wind Dry 2 fabrics. Light Wind Dry 2 is a micro-perforated material that increases moisture transfer, resists water and wind, and has a two-ply knit construction that manages body temperature. Heatmaxx is an extremely stretchy fabric with a brushed microfleece inner lining that provides the tights' insulating warmth. In a flatlock stitched, multi-panel design, this combination of materials is sewn into a race fit that comfortably follows the contours of your body. Garneau also incorporated its signature ankle grippers, and a waistband with both elastic and an adjustable drawstring.The Louis Garneau Protect Tights are available in sizes Small through XX-Large, and in the color Black.

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