Louis Garneau Seattle Tights/Pants

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The Louis Garneau Seattle Pants were designed for commuters seeking water protective pants that can be worn over normal clothing. The laminated waterproof fabric and sealed seams block against water and wind. Articulated knees flex while riding for the ul

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State employees in Seattle have been told certain words are no-nos. Words like "citizen" and "brown bag". Morons!!!!Read More »

Visiting Seattle need some advice on riding

Hey everyone, Hoping I can get some direction here. Going to be in Seattle next week on the 22nd and 23rd and looking to possibly rent a bike to get some riding in. Any suggestions? I was looking at the burke Gilman trail. Looks like a typical rail trail boring ride, but I dont plan to ride aroun ... Read More »

May Day Seattle: Peaceful Protest? Yeah, but when it ended.... took a turn....

[url=http://news.yahoo.com/may-day-rally-turns-violent-seattle-032255547.html]May Day rally turns violent in Seattle[/url] [img]http://l3.yimg.com/nn/fp/rsz/050213/images/smush/seattle_635x250_1367475762.jpg[/img] Damn violent Tea Party infiltrated the protest and made it violent. Just like O ... Read More »

1 day in Seattle area with bike - where to?

hi all - I'm going to be working at Uof W coming up in mid-May for a few days and am none too familiar with the area. Figured i better bring a bike up, CX or road I have yet to decide. A couple areas I'm eyeballing are the 165 going up towards Rainier (as a blacktop out-n-back) or maybe some For ... Read More »

Good bike fitters in Seattle area?

I'm thinking about having a full fitting done. As I'm just returning to cycling after a couple of decades, I'd be looking at someone who could both fit me to my current, early 90s-era bike, and give me the information that would enable me to do likewise on a future new purchase (if it's possible to ... Read More »

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