Louis Garneau Thermo Tights/Pants

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Lycra Thermo Tight from Louis Garneau. Elastic with adjustable drawstring at waist. Flat lock seams. For cold weather.

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Bootie sizing, specifically Mavic Thermo Plus

I've been really happy with my Mavic shoes, so when I shopping around for winter booties I naturally looked at Mavic's offerings. My shoe size of 10.5 was smack in the middle of the large bootie size as per Mavic's sizing chart and I pulled the trigger. My Thermo Plus' arrived last night (Mavic's to ... Read More »

Louis Garneau Thermo Cool Insoles Tips

Got my brand new Sidi Eagle 6 shoes last week (as my wife likes to say, "I got 'em on sale!"). Got them one half size bigger than what I normally use and they fit great. Carbon soled, they are, but feel easier to walk in than my nylon soled Specialized shoes ('06 comp shoes). Used regular, not molde ... Read More »

Thermo-mouldable (or -formable) shoes...

Hi, I've got some new LG shoes with thermomouldable toe boxes and heel cups and I'm wondering what the recipe is. I've read snippets here and there but can't find anything definitive and there are no clues in the shoe box. (It also took a while to figure out how LG ratchets release. My feet were tur ... Read More »

Feet Warmers - Thermo Soles?

Anyone have experience with Verseo Thermo Soles? [url]http://www.thermosoles.com[/url]. They sound just like Sidi Toasters but at 1/3 the price - if they aren't any good just a $100 dollar gamble.Read More »

Adidas Response Thermo Jacket

Does anyone use one of these? Performance seems to have a pretty good deal on them now ($60), but I can't find a review anywhere on the web. What temp ranges is it suitable for? How does the sizing run? I'm looking for a jacket that I can wear between 32F and ~58F. I was thinking of getting s ... Read More »

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