SLS3 Compression Recovery Tights/Pants

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The long awaited compression recovery tight is finally here by SLS3. Wear these under your pants at work, on the airplane, driving to work, or while your lounging around the house. They help your body get oxygenated blood into your legs,...

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Compression tights or calf sleeves...which one is better for recovery?

:confused: So considering getting a pair of compression garment to aid my recovery. My Saturday rides are usually 60 - 90 km (fast pace and hilly terrain) and depending how hard I push myself, my legs, specially my calf muscles seem to throb, and my wife says my legs twitch a lot during my sleep. ... Read More »

Skins compression for recovery?

I don't think I've seen any threads regarding these on RBR. I would think "skins" or "compression" wouldn't yield a very useful result on a search. Anyway, had some racing the last couple of weekends and I was surprised to see a lot of riders wearing them. A friend of mine made the claim that a ... Read More »

Compression stuff for recovery

Has anyone heard of drawbacks to compression gear? I wear compression socks for most of the work day after brutal morning intervals. I have a job that requires as lot of standing. Does this make your blood vessels less able to do the job "on their own"?Read More »

Compression clothing for recovery - very expensive JimJams

Recently I bought a set of compression tights, my purpose in buying was 'to aid recovery'. As I understand it these things are sold with several claims including: 1. To aid recovery by compressing the legs, the only way I can see this working is to compress veins and facilitate venous return, ... Read More »

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