Zero Rh + Distance Bib Tights/Pants

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Product Description

The Zero RH+ Distance Bib Tight might be the warmest bib tight from a company you''''ve never heard of.

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Tall guy and Bib's for long distance rides

I want to get a set of bib's with a longer inseam, 11", for long distance rides. I am 6'4" and 240lbs. I know Garneau Neo has this size. Any thing else???Read More »

Best long distance bib short?

I know that everyone's bum is shaped a little differently, but what brand is considered the best for long hauls? I ony have Pearl and Capo Forma right now which are both ok, but I'm gietting into longer events where the bum gets a little tender. It's nothing terrible but I'm more looking to upgrad ... Read More »

Read More »



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