Assos Knee Warmers

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Fashionable, soft, comfortable, warm. A must have accessory for days where the temperature ranges from the mid 40's to the low 60's. If it gets below the mid-40's, you'll want to use something with a more wind-protection such as a pair of Assos Airprotec or Airblock tights.

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Total Knee Replacement

Just checking to see if anyone here has had knee replacement surgery. After rehab, has the surgery limited the types of riding that you use to do? Thanks for your response.Read More »

knee pain

I got a fit during the summer. They moved the seat up a bit and more forward. I thought the seat to be a scootch too high, so i moved it down about 1/4". I did not move the seat back (moving it down also moves it forward). After the next ride, i had pain top part of my left knee Outside top part o ... Read More »

Foot position after total knee replacement

I'm a veteran road rider having ridden at least 5,000 miles per year for 30 years. Had two total knee replacements in the last year and I'm finally getting back in shape. My foot position has always been "toe out" but since surgery it is more severe especially my right foot. I have used look arc cle ... Read More »

Bike fitter in DC area specializing in knee/pedaling analysis

I've had my Trek and Fuji fitted at different LBS and while the guys were competent they both seemed to lack sufficient expertise in the fine art of knee/foot alignment. My right leg rotates outward slightly from the hip. When I first started using the SPDs I had the right foot aligned the same ang ... Read More »

Return to cycling after horrific knee injury...

I used to ride anywhere from 80-100 miles per week. I ruptured my left patellar tendon playing basketball at the beginning of this year. Anyways after surgery and after 7 months of physical therapy I had my first real ride of a whooping 14 miles on Monday. Followed by 22 miles yesterday. I'm slo ... Read More »

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