Craft Knee Warmer Warmers

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Product Description

Pull on the Craft 3D Knee Warmer when the morning chill is lingering. Once warmed up the 3D Knee warmer easily stashes in a back pocket.

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Short knee warmer suggestions??

My knees have issues with wind even when it isn't very cold out and I need to keep them warm to prevent it. I have wool leg warmers and Pearl I knee warmers but am looking for something shorter - about 8" max that I can use when I don't want to overheat otherwise, or need an extra layer under the w ... Read More »

knee warmer question

Can someone tell me how to size knee warmers? When I look at the sizing charts for Pearl Izumi or at it does not give a sizing chart for knee warmers. Any ideas? If anyone knows how to size legs warmers please pass that along too. Thank you!Read More »

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