Craft Leg Warmer Warmers

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Yes, the early bird gets the work, but it also can get very cold early in the day. The Craft 3D Leg Warmers keep your legs warm and comfortable during cold-weather rides. The ergonomic fit won't restrict movement, strategically-varied levels of insulation keep heat in where you need it, and the brushed interior feels great everywhere. Silicone grippers make sure that the 3D Leg Warmers stay in place, and the 3D seamless construction prevents chafing.

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wind resistant leg warmer with insulation?

I have leg warmers with wind resistant but no insulation. And insulated legwarmers with no wind resistance. Is there anything with both? (light warmth)Read More »

leg warmer slipping

Maybe something wrong with my leg warmer made by Pearl Izumi, it was ok for the first couple of rides. I washed it cold just once and it is slipping down alot now and doesn't seem as tight as before. I know use the grips of the bike shorts to hold them in, but I kind of got them for commuting ... Read More »

leg warmer slipping

Newbie question. I have leg warmers and they keep slipping. I tried putting them over and under the shorts (under seemed to work best. However they always tended to slip. Perhaps I'm not pulling 'em high enough, doing something wrong or have the wrong fit. They feel great when I pull 'em t ... Read More »

Leg Warmer Sizing

How far up one's leg should a leg warmer be able to stretch to? (personal question, yes) I have had several pairs over the years and it seemed to me that a leg warmer should be able to cover a good portion of one's thigh otherwise the motion of pedalling will cause them to work their way down. O ... Read More »

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