Gore Bike Wear Kidney Warmers

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Frozen internal fluids can ruin an otherwise pleasant winter ride. Keep the gold in liquid form with the Gore Bike Wear Kidney Warmer.

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Kidney Stones are the...

Suxxor. But dealing with the bills from the medical providers are little better. And if I started in on the insurance scams, this would be moved to PO quickly! Is a CT really needed? Wouldn't a much cheaper xray be just as good? Can I get a discount for all the times they tried to stick m ... Read More »

5th Kidney Stone

And it hurt. I seem to have one about every 4-5 years since I was 20. This one was the worst. Friend drove me to ER clinic (great....clean and no wait). I took 800mg of Ibuprofen and a hydrocodone before going to clinic. Got there in only a little pain. They did blood work and a CT scan and confirme ... Read More »

anybody riding w kidney stones?

have had one for a few months, came out of nowhere. it hasn't been a problem while riding, but it's been annoying off the bike. i've had nausea, slight pain in the lower back. funny, when i first got it diagnosed, the doc told me to try taking two of the percocets that he'd perscribed, drink thre ... Read More »

17-year-old Sells Kidney for an iPad2

[I]Really[/I] disturbing. And not likely to be a future Apple commercial. :frown2: [indent][I]According to Global Times, a youngster in China's Anhui province wanted a new iPad 2 tablet so badly he was willing to part with a kidney to be able to afford it. The student, a 17-year-old high sch ... Read More »

Kidney biopsy

I have to have one on Friday. Anyone here had one? Any suggestions on when I might be able to get back on the bike? I know I'll be advised by the Docs on the day but just trying to plan.Read More »

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