Louis Garneau Arm Coolers Warmers

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It may seem counterintuitive to put sleeves on for a hot summer ride, but that's what you'll find yourself doing with the Louis Garneau Arm Coolers. Garneau's IceTek fabric incorporates a xylitol surface treatment. Xylitol is the organic compound found in chewing gum that makes your mouth feel cool and refreshed. IceTek fabric causes a similar refreshing feeling against the skin, as it absorbs heat from the body and converts sweat to a refrigerant. That cooling function aside, putting on the Arm Coolers is certainly more convenient than slapping sunscreen on every time you're trying to sneak in a training ride. The Arm Coolers have a UPF/SPF rating of 50, so they provide more than adequate protection from the sun's dangerous rays. A silicone gripper at the bicep keeps the coolers from sliding down, and a reflective logo adds an extra touch of visibility. The Louis Garneau Arm Coolers are White and come in sizes X-Small through X-Large.

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My Take On Arm Coolers

This will be the second summer I have worn arm coolers so perhaps cyclists who have not tried them will find my experiences to be of interest. The hottest temp I have worn them in is 120 degrees. When dressing for a ride I wet the coolers with water after pulling them on and prior to putting on ... Read More »

Arm coolers: anyone use them?

On the last So. Cal. ride, Wolfman was wearing a long sleeve Under Amrour summer shirt. I was asking him about it and he seemed to love it. And since I recently started commuting regularly again, I started looking in to them. Around $30 a pop they're a but more than I'd like to spend to have mult ... Read More »

Arm Coolers in the Heat and Sun?

Does anyone use arm coolers or "sun sleeves" in the blistering heat of summer? Right now it's hot (95-105F daily) and sunny. I've just learned of these products that look like arm warmers but are more of a base layer that also have high UPF ratings to block the sun. Does anyone else use them in extr ... Read More »

any one use arm coolers?

Im looking for more protection from the sun. I burn real easy. Any way i found what they call arm coolers wondering if any one has tried them. [url]http://www.powertri.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=300[/url]Read More »

Summer Arm Coolers

Ive just had my first day wearing the DE SOTO arm coolers... They are Arm warmers( NOT) , are white and are for keeping your arms cool AND out of the sun... Today was a 5 hr , 80 mile ride... My arms were cool during the day and never felt hot, or warm for that matter... Unlike arm warmers, the mate ... Read More »

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