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Numb feet

I have had some problems lately with my feet getting numb (especially my right foot) when I ride more than an hour or so. I previously had my bike fit done in shop, I haven't made any changes to my position or equipment, and I am also using Specialized BG insoles (fit in shop to the correct ones ac ... Read More »

Thislbe interesting: 'Three Feet for Safety' law in California

From the local (highly provincial) rag (The Senile): [url=http://www.santacruzsentinel.com/santacruz/ci_26289449/cyclists-police-prepare-new-three-feet-safety-law]Cyclists, police prepare for new 'Three Feet for Safety' law in Santa Cruz County - Santa Cruz Sentinel[/url] [QUOTE] Drivers who ... Read More »

Cycling shoes for wider feet

Only now that I have an "apparel-related question" do I realize there is no sub-forum for apparel or other such gear. So I'll put my question here... Do any companies make cycling shoes with wider toe/fore-foot boxes? My big toes (especially on the left foot) start to feel pinched after an hour o ... Read More »

Recommendations for Speedplay shoes? Narrow feet.

Hello everyone. My Shimano R132 shoes is more than 2 years old now I am looking for a new shoe. They are still in perfect shape, no damage whatsoever but quite heavy. I want to try something else, lighter. They are 720 grams per pair, for size 43. Factory claimed. Since I am riding with Spe ... Read More »

Shoes for Skinny Feet

I wear an A-width street shoe. In the past I was able to get by with NorthWave bike shoes. For years, they were known to offer the narrowest shoe for bikers. But then they changed their patterns, and currrent NWs are pretty wide. My shoes are over 15 years old and need to be thrown away and repla ... Read More »

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