Louis Garneau Leg Warmers

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Heatmaxx fabric has a warm and soft fleeced inner and excellent wicking properties. Elastic gripper on upper hem. Flatlock seams.

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leg soreness

I'm still getting used to my new bike. I've been testing the saddle height. Riding for 15 minutes each time at various speeds on flat roads. Should I start feeling the burn immediately? later? And which area should be burning? The whole quads, lower quad near the knee? Last bike I owned was a junior ... Read More »

New wind-tunnel tests find surprising gains in cycling efficiency from leg-shaving

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health-and-fitness/health/the-curious-case-of-the-cyclists-unshaved-legs/article20370814/]The curious case of the cyclist?s unshaven legs - The Globe and Mail[/url] Is shaving your legs a matter of fashion or function for cyclists? When Oregon-based triath ... Read More »

Power balance right/left leg is out of whack

New to power, I see my discrepancies between right and left leg balance. Right is consistently 55% to 45% on the left. Anything to worry about, or go with it? If I need to find more balance, what specific exercises are called for. I am a 54 y.o. triathlete with a full aero bike/position. Not ... Read More »

Looking for bibs with shorter leg length

Brands? Similar fit/sizing to ASSOS if possible?Read More »

Charity Bike Ride - join up for a leg - IL to CO

A cyclist named Wally Posner is riding from Chicago, Illinois to Beaver Creek, Colorado later this month. He is doing it to raise money for SCAD research. SCAD is a little-known coronary condition which caused Wally's daughter to have a heart attack at age 20. See more below. It's a great effort fro ... Read More »

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