Louis Garneau Power Leg Warmers

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Product Description

TheLouis Garneau Power Leg Warmers not only provide wind protection on a cool day, but the compressive fit helps to facilitate muscles, reduce fatigue, and prevent injury.

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Power balance right/left leg is out of whack

New to power, I see my discrepancies between right and left leg balance. Right is consistently 55% to 45% on the left. Anything to worry about, or go with it? If I need to find more balance, what specific exercises are called for. I am a 54 y.o. triathlete with a full aero bike/position. Not ... Read More »

Best power meter for unequal leg power?

I'm to the point where I'd like to start riding with a power meter to give me a way to pace my rides and do some analysis after the ride. I've been comparing the options out there and I have a specific requirement I need to meet. I injured my right leg when I was a child so now I have a leg length d ... Read More »

Pedal Cleat width relation to leg power/soreness?

What is the proper way to determine cleat positioning width-wise? I am using a pair of Keo Carbon pedals, and the cleats have some lateral movement-maybe about 4-5mm. How does one determine the proper position for the pedals? I have mine set about 1mm from the most "foot inward" position (foot to ... Read More »

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