Mavic Neck Warmers

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Mavic Neck Warmer is wonderfully designed garment which helps keep your neck out of the elements, flips up into a facemask with ventilation holes.

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Problem with Adventure One Tranz-X Neck Adjustment.

Hello everyone! Just signed up to the forums because I am a little worried about a problem I'm having and hope to hear from you all Cannondale enthusiasts. I have a brand new Cannondale Adventure One Hybrid 24-speed bike that I bought in August, and within riding a little over 500km on it, I have f ... Read More »

Neck pain while cycling, upper back pain the day after?

Okay so I have had this neck issue on and off over the years on different bikes. I thought I was getting neck pain on longer rides. The left side of my neck gets really stiff and causes me problems. I say I thought it was neck pain because yesterday it happened again but I was far from home so I had ... Read More »

Raise bars, wife has neck pain.

So my wife, 45, has neck pain. We went on a 50 mile ride yesterday & the pain sets in after about 20 miles. Thing is, it isn't beginner rider pain, it is that she has degenerated disks, Doc said they are like those of a 70 year old. So, we would like to raise her bars up. She rides a Domane 4.5, ... Read More »

George Bush Finally Put His Neck In The Trap!!!

And I finally got the rotten bastard!!! It's been long overdue, and I'm happy he put his neck in the trap. Wish we had bigger mouse traps when GWB got elected so we wouldn't have had all this turmoil in the world. This is our pesky little mouse named George. [IMG] ... Read More »

Has cycling helped your neck issues?

I started cycling regularly several weeks ago. It seems to have helped some chronic neck pain issues I've had. I was worried that cycling might make my neck worse, but the opposite seems to have happened. The strengthening effect seems to have helped my neck. Has anyone found that cycling has he ... Read More »

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