SockGuy Wool Arm Warmers

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Product Description

Few other materials can keep your skin as warm and yet as breathable as wool, so pull on the SockGuy Wool Arm Warmer and get rid of the goose bumps while you play in crisp temperatures. SockGuy designed the Wool Arm Warmer with a dual arm-cuff, articulated mid-section and elasticized wrist-cuff to give you an ergonomic fit that suits your active lifestyle.

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Wash Frequency for wool and arm/leg warmers

I've got a sweet Swobo jersey (got it last week and love it - thnx to all the provided the initial wash info). This week I've done three straight hour fifteen minute rides (T W TH) and haven't washed the jersey once. I'm also doing another one today. I do where an underarmour compression baselaye ... Read More »

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