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Handlebar Tape

I'm shopping for handlebar tape, and am comparing Fizik Performance and Lizard Skins 2,5mm tape. Any thoughts or opinions/preferences? The Lizard Skins are fairly expensive, and I don't know if they're worth the extra cash. I have a Fizik saddle and road shoes, and am sold on both.Read More »

Orange handlebar tape

Dumb request, but interested to see pictures of bikes sporting orange tape on an orange frame. I have a 2011 Salsa Vaya and trying to get an idea of what that would look like. Thanks for your time, KevinRead More »

Wrapping cables underneath handlebar tape

At the 3:20 mark in this video of Contador's mechanic building up the bike, it's interesting how the mechanic wraps electrical tape over the [U]entire[/U] bar & bare cables. Anyone else done it that way, and why did you prefer it? I've usually just taped down the cables in 3-4 spots, then wrapped ... Read More »

what handlebar tape is this ?

At 3:00 of this video, what brand of bar tape is that ? Looked pretty solid and nice [url][/url]Read More »

Campy Ultrashift Lever Handlebar Tape Routing...

Thought I would query the Campy contingent on how they route their handlebar tape just behind the top of the Ultrashift shifter body under the hood boot. Please see pic below. What I do is bring the bar tape up from below and shingle just the rear edge of the shifter body where the cable housing ... Read More »

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