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Cotton Bar Tape

Other than the classic look and sweet harlequin wrap patterns that it is conducive to, is there any other benefits to using cotton bar tape? I've got a Fuji America I'm slowly customizing and I'd like a cool look for my bars but not at the expense of functionality.Read More »

Prologo skin touch bar tape

I'm needing to partially wrap my new Pro Stealth Evo bars and I'm looking at different bar tape. I've tried Cinelli, Fizik, Sram and a couple others. Was looking at the Prologo Skin Touch tape. Anybody have any experience with this tape?Read More »

Best Celeste bar tape color match

Getting ready to build up my new Impulso frame and need some Celeste bar tape. Been looking around and it seems like there are wide variations of color for what is listed as "Celeste". Maybe it's just the photograph. Any recommendation on an authentic Celeste color bar tape.Read More »

Bought a bike. Now what colour handle bar tape?

I know this a very personal choice. But like to hear what colour handle bar tape you prefer (black or celeste). Your choice/reasoning may assist my decision. Thanks. [ATTACH=CONFIG]273132[/ATTACH]Read More »

Bulk Bar Tape

I've googled around a bit and haven't had any real luck finding a decent answer. Looking for bulk bar tape - cut or uncut. Don't care if it comes with plugs or not. I'm trying to keep stock on heavily used items like cables, housing and well, bartape... Anyone else there find a reasonable price o ... Read More »

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