Arundel Cork Bar Bar Tape

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While we don't doubt that 20 years from now we'll be riding 6lb bikes with telepathic shifting and hydraulic braking, we're fairly sure we'll still rely on cork handlebar tape. Cork is just thick enough to absorb a bit of road shock; it's just tacky enough so your sweaty hands won't slip when you move from hoods to tops; and by putting a fresh wrap on your bars you make your bike like pretty much new. Can you really improve upon that? We don't think so.Our pals at Arundel -- creators of the world's best bottle cages -- now make bar tape. It comes in a variety of solid colors. In each color you get "Arundel" printed along the tape, with cork flecks subtly visible throughout the tape. And one important detail is that it has an adhesive strip on the back, which makes installing it super-easy.The actual weight of the Arundel Cork Handlebar Tape is 56g.

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Arundel Bar Tape: Gecko Fur or Cork?

I won both in a raffle/giveaway. Both are black. Which would you run? [B]Cork bar tape[/B] is thick and softens road vibration. It can soak up moisture and yet remains easy to grip. It is fairly durable and easy to install. It holds color well and doesn’t fade. You can wash it like you wash the ... Read More »

Can you change the cork tape on bar phat?

I'm not a big fan of the black tape on my 2006 Roubaix Elite as I have seen similar models with the silver tape that look a lot better (yes, yes I'm being vain I know...) so does anyone know if it is possible just to remove the existing tape, keep the bar phat and put on new tape? I still need t ... Read More »

Bar Tape - Cork or Gel?

What is the consensus out there? Why do some prefer one over the other. I'm liking the look of the Cielli 7 color, but wondor if the gel will be more comfortable. Saw some stuff by Specialized - cant remember the name of it but if felt really plush. It was pretty pricey though. ThanksRead More »

Cork or Cork Gel Bar Tape

I need to re-tape my bars. First time, wheeee. What's the difference between the cork tape and cork gel tape in terms of wear and feel?Read More »

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