Arundel Gecko Bar Tape

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Don't mess with Texas. Arundel is a Ft. Worth-based company that specializes in small carbon widgets, and these Dave-O cages are their crown jewel. About 30g each. Two things you can be sure of: a Dave-O cage won't break, and even in the worst pave your bottle won't eject. A rock-solid gem. We love 'em. Clear carbon fiber construction with your choice of decal color.;

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Arundel Bar Tape: Gecko Fur or Cork?

I won both in a raffle/giveaway. Both are black. Which would you run? [B]Cork bar tape[/B] is thick and softens road vibration. It can soak up moisture and yet remains easy to grip. It is fairly durable and easy to install. It holds color well and doesn’t fade. You can wash it like you wash the ... Read More »

Garmin Gecko GPS

I am looking for a way to mount my gecko 201 on the stem of my bike. The garmin made mounts do not seem capable of this(they look like they might work on the bars?). Any thoughts or suggestions on how to mount my gps would be appreciated.Read More »

Gecko in the house, beetches

Holy crap. That thing looks mean. I'm not buying insurance from this guy. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG] ... Read More »

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