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Bike Ribbon Cork Handlebar Tape: The Bike Ribbon Cork Bar Tape is constructed of cork, is available in a variety of colors, and includes bar plugs.

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Tubeless remounting issues with Stan's tape

A few months ago I got some new Pacenti SL23 rims and carefully applied 2 layers of Stan's tape before mounting some tubeless tires. Tire mounting issues aside, I inflated the tire and seated the beads easily the first time using just a floor pump. This weekend I was due for some new tires so I got ... Read More »

ATTN: Promoters – course tape source?

I'm in my 6th year of promoting a local CX race. Up until this year, we've been fortunate enough to have a connection to a major bike manufacturer that supplied us with 14, 1,000 ft rolls of tape. It was great! That connection no longer exists, so I'm frantically searching for a new source. I do ... Read More »

Ferguson PD Chief Lied Aboutl Brown Surveillance Tape

Surprise, surprise. [url=]Ferguson Police Chief Lied About Michael Brown Tape[/url] [QUOTE]When questioned by members of the press about the tape — which apparently had nothing to do with the f ... Read More »

Handlebar Tape

I'm shopping for handlebar tape, and am comparing Fizik Performance and Lizard Skins 2,5mm tape. Any thoughts or opinions/preferences? The Lizard Skins are fairly expensive, and I don't know if they're worth the extra cash. I have a Fizik saddle and road shoes, and am sold on both.Read More »

Belgian tape for wider Tubulars

Hi all, I have used CX Tape [url=]cxtape[/url] along with gluing my CX tubulars for the past couple of years and have had great success. This year I have bought new 23mm and 25mm rim disc tubulars, but have not glued them up yet. The CX Tape seems like it may be a b ... Read More »

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