Cinelli Air Bar Tape

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made the Air Bar Tape out of tough PVC and perforated it to allow your hands to breathe on the bar.

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The Smithsonian Air and Space Udvar-Hazy Center in DC - Pixxors Galore

I was with the family in DC a few weeks ago. We did the normal tourist stuff, saw most of the Smithsonians, toured teh Capital, the Library of Congress, the Pentagon, national archives, visited the monuments, caught a Nationals game, etc. I didn't take many pictures along the way, but could not ... Read More »

Bike Cases for air travel

Can anyone recommend a hard case for my road bike? The last trip I was on, the airline broke my Rapidfire shifters on my mountain bike. So I'm looking for a bit more protection than the plastic bag they sell for $20 at the ticket counter. Partial disassembly (wheels, seatpost, bar+stem) is fine. ... Read More »

Just finished my Air Force PT test

I had set an high goal of running my mile and a half in the nine minute range. Didn't get there. On the plus side I took two inches off my waist the last year, lost another ten pounds, and still managed a 10:20 mile and a half . Not to bad for turning 45. But I'm going to redo test in April, an ... Read More »

The devaluation of air miles!

Remember when it meant something to have a bunch of miles banked-- ~20,000 meant a free domestic flight and Europe wasn't a whole lot more? Now it looks as if any flight I can get with my United miles for pretty much the whole summer is 50,000 miles---plus a decent amount of cash---for piddly dom ... Read More »

Maintaining Air Pressure

OK, once again some new guy questions. How do you guys check the air in your tires before a ride? Just a cheap gauge from the auto parts store? Surprisingly I don't see this accessory in bike supplies. I was looking at the CO2 inflators, looks much easier than a tiny pump. However, my tires are ... Read More »

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