Cinelli Flag Bar Tape

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The Cinelli Flag Ribbon: Cinelli's award winning cork ribbon now with the color schemes of the flags for Italy, Japan, Switzerland, and Canada.

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The Confederate flag on a helmet, offensive or fine?

So my son is turning 4 in a week and is into BMX racing. He received a motocross helmet with a confederate flag on it since it was the one he liked when looking at them online on Amazon. Do you think people at the track will find it offensive? What does the flag symbolize to you? Pic of said hel ... Read More »

Flase Flag

Has anyone had success unflagging a segment on strava? [B]Request #XXXXX Segment Should Not Be Flagged Sep 23 10:31 am[/B] Hello! [url][/url] should not be flagged. The segment is not hazardous or dangerous. It is a 3.0 mile climb in the private, ... Read More »

Proud to display the flag

I remember a while back seeing some of the professional cyclists having a sticker made that had the flag of their country with their last name below it and sticking it to their bikes. The one I seen was on the top tube. Does anybody do this? I thought it was pretty cool to see the American flag with ... Read More »

The 12th Anniversary of the greatest False Flag the world ever saw.

The false flag event that changed the world, of which criminals at the top level of US government still run loose....and Paul Craig Roberts takes no prisoners. [url=]Too Many Years Of Lies: From Mossadeq to 9/1 ... Read More »

Sometimes ya just gotta let yer freak flag fly

I love this. [url=]Real party animal: Lab tech found drunk with his pants down as monkeys run loose: police - NY Daily News[/url] "Coley Mitchell was uncooperative w ... Read More »

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