DEDA Elementi Bar Tape

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Deda Elementi Fluorescent Bar Tape(0x7d64eeb0)

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Deda Elementi Newton...

Impressions of these bars and any advantage/disadvantage of the different shapes offered?Read More »

difference between Deda Elementi Newton and Deda 215 handle bars?

i am trying to find out what the diffrences between the 2 bars mentioned in the subject are. i would buy the shallow version, but, i cannot tell the diffrences between these two bar, besides the $ that is. anyone?Read More »

Deda Elementi Newton 31.7mm

I'm thinking of getting this stem (need a longer reach), but it's a 31.7mm (my bar is a 31.8mm). Anyway, will this be a problem? I can't imagine it would be, as a .1mm difference is pretty much close to nothing, but I just want to make sure before I order... ThanksRead More »

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