Enve Composites Zero Offset Seatpost Bar Tape

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Product Description

Imagine if Robert Mangold and Eames teamed up to design a seatpost -- the result would look a great deal like the Enve Zero Setback Seatpost. Its sleek, minimal design hides a subtle sophistication that begs to be admired and needs to be mounted. Renowned for its accelerated advancements in carbon engineering, Enve has created the Golden Triangle of seatposts; stellar aesthetics, uncompromising rigidity, and superb vibration dampening.The Enve Zero Setback Seatpost is molded from one piece of carbon fiber. The streamlined design provides a stiff lightweight seatpost that's as suited to the dirt as it is for the road. The Zero Setback boasts an alarmingly low 190 gram weight (31.6mm model), and a recessed single-bolt design that permits one-handed adjustments. The cradle provides plenty of room for fore, aft, and angular saddle adjustments. The Enve Zero Setback Seatpost is available in a 400mm length, and in four sizes from 27.2mm to 34.9mm. The Zero Setback is available in the color Black, and includes hardware for use with standard rails as well as oversized carbon rails. Every Zero Setback Seatpost is handmade in the USA.

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Zero setback or Offset Seatpost

If I ride a bike with a 74.2° seat angle and zero setback post and sits just past middle favored towards the rear, my new bike will have a 73.5° seat angle, is it safe to assume I will continue to need a zero setback post? I am trying to figure out what will work best, interesting enough I had a b ... Read More »

ISO Zero Offset Seatpost

I am looking for a zero mm offset seatpost of a post that gets closer to zero offset than the standard 25mm offset posts. I know that Thompson makes seatposts with a zero mm offset but that are not practical for me due to my weight (225 lbs). I rode a Thompson once when I weighed closer to 200 lbs ... Read More »

zero offset seatpost - advantages?

Always wondered why riders, or which kinds of riders, choose a seatpost with a zero offset. Are there any specific advantages? And doesn't a zero offset throw off the geometry of a bicycle that's manufactured with a seatpost with offset??Read More »

Zero offset, alloy seatpost

I'm looking for a good zero offset, alloy seat post. Any recommendations? Thanks.Read More »

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