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Fizik Superlight handlebar tape made of Microtex, helps to alleviate hand fatigue and helps to reduce hand slippage. The Microtex material is perforated and is durable, strong, stretch resistant and breathable. Handlebar plugs are included....

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Looking for bar tape

Howdy Folks, Looking for some cool bar tape to replace the dilapidated Fizik tape on my P2 Cervelo. I am looking for some black tape that has red colored stitching with the feel and texture of the original Fizik tape. Anybody have some good suggestions? Thanks Much! GRead More »

Dirty White Bar Tape

If you have not seen it now you have. Interestingly the rest of the bike is spotless. :) [ATTACH=CONFIG]295750[/ATTACH]Read More »

Do you think I can swing white bar tape?

[IMG][/IMG] Sorry for the bad pic - I'll take proper photos and upload to my blog (in sig) when I get nice light. I wanted people's opinion on whether or not they think I could throw white tape on. I got some before I knew I'd be getting a new bike and I don't wa ... Read More »

Fizik Microtex Bar Tape install?

After reading a few posts i've picked up some Fizik Microtex bar tape (black with stitching). There's perforations on one side of the stitching and I'm wondering if there's a correct or preferred way to wrap it - overlapping the perforations or the 'plain' side of the tape?Read More »

2011 specialized roubaix bar tape

I need to replace derailleur cables and will be replacing bar tape. My wife is used to the bar tape that came on her 2011 Ruby. It's the same stuff that's on my Roubaix. The local dealer's stock of Spec. bar tape is not the same. The pictures of the current bar tape being sold at Spec is also not ... Read More »

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