Fizik Dual Tape Bar Tape

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Fi'zi:k double-stitched its Dual:Tape in order to create an air cushion, which enhances shock absorption, and added foam padding for dampening vibration so your hands and arms don't get jarred. Durable Microtex synthetic leather breathes and feels smooth on your palms.

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Dual color perforated bar tape?

After exhausting all my efforts searching through the endless bar tape topics I decided to ask my own question. As a newbie to road riding coming from a mountain biking back ground I'm having some issues finding the right feel/look to my cockpit. I'm interested in finding a dual colored perforated b ... Read More »

Fizik Dual - handlebar tape. Any good?

I'm a Cinelli cork man, but lately some new inovative bar tapes have come out. The Fizik Duel looks like a good option without going full blown gel pads and tape. My question is does this tape make the outside diameter much bigger than cork tape and does it feel much different?Read More »

Fizik Dual Bar Tape pix?

Does anyone have any pictures of the white w/ red Fizik Dual bar tape? I'm thinking of trying it out this year, but don't want it to turn out looking like a candy cane. Any other impressions of the tape itself? Thanks, kupeRead More »

fizik dual tape...will both colors show when wrapped?

thinking about trying out some fizik dual tape, but want only 1 color (white) to show. how does this tape look when wrapped?Read More »

Fizik dual color tape

I've got some Fizik dual color tape, and I'm not 100% sure if I'm going to like it once I put it on my bars. You know, like it will detract from the appearance of the bike by having "flashy" tape on the bars. Can those of you who have wrapped your bars with Fizik dual color tape please post pics o ... Read More »

Read More »



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