Look Carbon Handlebar Bar Tape

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Look Carbon Handlebar tape is comfortable, weather durable, and stylish. Enhance the appearance of your carbon handlebar/stem/controls combo with Look's carbon bar tape. Seamlessly integrate your cockpit with this carbon wrap. Colors: Black Carbon, White

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3T Ergonova Carbon Handlebar Question

I am just getting back on a road bike after riding tri-bikes for 3 years. I used to ride 42cm width bars. I am interested in the 3T Ergonova as it has the proper drop and reach dimensions I like. According to website they are measured at the drop ends for the width dimension, but they are also angle ... Read More »

carbon handlebar diy repair? pictures inside

the clear coat has a little chipping around the stem clamp area i was wondering if this is repairable with some epoxy also i put a couple gashes in it with a razor blade when i was cutting off the bar tape. it barely broke the surface. the gouge is about as deep as a cigarette paper is thick ... Read More »

Carbon Fiber handlebar... stem?

Howdy Just bought a nice Easton CF drop handlebar for sake of dropping a few ounces and hopefully reducing some wrist/hand issues I've been having on my alum drops. Having never rocked CF for a handlebar before... should I also go to a CF stem, or can I stick with aluminum? If aluminum is fine, is ... Read More »

Please Help: Carbon handlebar crack question

I recently acquired these 3T Ergonova Team Carbon Handlebars and noticed a crack in the stem mounting area where the previous owner overtightened the bolts. My question, from your experience does this look like a cosmetic tear, or has the carbon been compromised? Would you feel comfortable riding ... Read More »

Handlebar: Carbon v. Aluminum

Ok. Small spill. Apparently my handlebar and crank arms are toast. Crankset will probably get replaced but now debating do I go carbon or alloy with the handlebar. While the broken crank was disturbing, had the handlebar snapped last week the result could have been much worse. Weight diffe ... Read More »

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