Profile Design Bar Wrap Bar Tape

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Profile Design Profile Bar Wrap Cork Red/White/Black

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Frugal rider seeking more long-ride comfort up front: wider or wrap bar with tube?

Recently I took off a Bontrager 25C tubeless for a Sector/Secteur 28c tubeless on my CR1. At about 75 or 80 psi it was the answer to my long distance chipseal torturefests. Even after 3 hours or more I can't find fault with it. Super happy and comfortable. Being the frugal SOB I am wondering if b ... Read More »

H-Bar Wrap, your fav? Toughest?

Riding CX can be hard on H-bar wrap...:idea: ...any favs that hold up well to dropping your bike once in a while? Thanks MCXerRead More »

Double bar wrap...

Want to put white fizik tape over my black tape which is pretty soft/thick. Like the look of the white tape. Question is probably not going to fit into the end caps. I guess just tape the ends when I get to the end of the bars? Anyone do this? Wondering if the end tape will stick to the first lay ... Read More »

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