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If you aren't running tubulars or tubeless, chances are you need new tubes on hand during a training ride. Stock up on the 700c x 18-23 Q-Tubes to keep in your seatpost pack or your commuting panniers so you can play 'Good Samaritan' on the bike path.They're produced by Kenda for QBP so you know they're high quality and will work just fine in your bike. The presta valve stem is 48mm long and should allow easy inflation with most low profile semi-aero rims.

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Road Bike Tube Sizes

Newbe to Road Riding. I need to pick up some spare tubes. Current Tire size is 700x23. I am noticing some of the tube sizes are 20-25c or 18-23. Do I need to find something that is 23 specific or will 20-25c tubes work. My riding is for sport and fitness. Typically ride 30 to 40 miles on the back co ... Read More »

Road vs Mountain Bike Top Tube Sizing: How To?

My mountain bike has a 58 cm ett + 9 cm stem. This setup works fine for me, although I might be going with a 10 cm stem in the future. I have read that a road bike should have approx. 4 cm shorter ett + stem total. With a 67 or 68 cm setup on my mtn bike, I should have 63 or 64 cm setup on my road ... Read More »

Can I use an inner tube with a schrader valve on my road bike?

I've been having a lot of trouble with my presta valves lately. It may be that my pump is not working properly. But I found inner tubes using a Schrader valve online and was wondering if there are any disadvantages to using that inner tube vs the specialized tubes I currently buy from my LBS. App ... Read More »

Quality tube for road bike?

Hey guys, Im kinda new to this, what are some good quality inner tube for a road bike, I heard some are crap like the valve snaps off easily or some doesn't inflate at all. Can you guys recommend me some quality tubes?Read More »

Road Bike w/ a Long Head Tube - Suggestions?

I currently own an '04 Trek 1000 that I Iike except for the short head tube. As a result, I have to stack the spacers pretty high in front for a comfortable fit. Any suggestions? I'm not picky about frame materials, name brands, or prices just yet. I just want something that doesn't require too ... Read More »

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