Selle Italia Leather Handlebar Bar Tape

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Water and sweat resistant leather handlebar tape. Available as tape only or as a deluxe kit.Tape Only includes 2 full rolls with NO plugsDeluxe Kit includes 2 full rolls of tape, gel inserts (a pair of 8

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Leather Handlebar Tape?

Would appreciate your experience and opinions regarding Toshi or Velo-Orange brands of leather handlebar tape. Thanks!Read More »

Handlebar tape/wrap. Cork vs. Leather vs. Cloth

The cork tape on my bike will need to be replaced by next spring due to weathering and wear, etc. Granted as it was Profile Design, it might not have been [I]the[/I] top line, but it was what was available (didn't want red or blue on a green bike). Anyway, Since I'm going to replace it, what will I ... Read More »

Velo Orange white leather handlebar wrap...

I bought the [url=]Velo Orange Elkhide[/url] sew-on handlebar wrap in white for my Colnago about a year ago. It looked really good on that bike and installing it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. I really liked the look and feel of it for about ... Read More »

Bullhorn Leather Handlebar Wrapping

I cannot find the post. Someone had pictures of their new fixie with bullhorn handlebars. The bars did not have tape but rather leather that was one large piece that was closed around the bars and then stitched in the middle, kind of the way that you would wrap a steering wheel. Anyone know wha ... Read More »

Brooks leather handlebar tape

Sorry, haven't been keeping up here, but I had to post this just in case. If you don't want to use Benotto tape on the old retro bike, here is the best solution I've ever seen, Brooks leather handlebar tape. I think it's a must have. Very cool. [url] ... Read More »

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