Sette Gel Cork Bar Tape

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Enhancing comfort and reducing pressure is the goal of the Sette Gel Cork Tape. Along with ease of application and durability, these are the main requirements for a great tape. To increase the natural comfort of EVA cork, this tape has received an application of gel in the form of a continuous strip on the back, providing a level of comfort and vibration damping not seen in traditional bar tapes.

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Harlequin wrap: Doable with cork or gel?

Went looking around or tutorials on the harlequin bar tape wrap. Most I saw were done in cotton. I'm wondering if this would be doable using something like Soma's Thick & Zesty or other gel. Considerations are: Will hand position on the bike on long rides using this wrap style cause the tape t ... Read More »

Bar Tape - Cork or Gel?

What is the consensus out there? Why do some prefer one over the other. I'm liking the look of the Cielli 7 color, but wondor if the gel will be more comfortable. Saw some stuff by Specialized - cant remember the name of it but if felt really plush. It was pretty pricey though. ThanksRead More »

Cork or Cork Gel Bar Tape

I need to re-tape my bars. First time, wheeee. What's the difference between the cork tape and cork gel tape in terms of wear and feel?Read More »

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