Shimano PRO Bar Tape

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Shimano's PRO Series Bar Tape is comfy, soft and stylish. Using SmartSilicon adhesive ensures you get minimal feathering and no creep, and when it's time to replace, the tape doesn't shred and remain on the bar! Super excellent PRO Endcaps and finishing t

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BB for a Tarmac SL4 Pro

In need of a new BB for a 2014 Tarmac SL4 Pro, running the stock Spesh crank set. What are you guys replacing the stock BB with?Read More »

Similar to Michelin Pro 4 Endurance

I need to replace a tire due to a cut in the tread. It's through the carcass .75" wide, across. A slice. Anyway, been using the Pro 4 Endurance 25mm on Shimano C50 clinchers. Was wondering what other tires I could consider, something still comfortable, at least as durable and fast as the Pro 4 E ... Read More »

Go Pro Hero 3plus Multi language support

Looking at buying a GoPro hero 3+ but it's for sale in Japan I can read Japanese but my nephew can't. Do the GoPros have multi language settings? I just read the manual quickly and couldn't find if they do or not. Any real users able to help? Thanks in advance KSRead More »

FSA Carbon Pro 10 Crank on 9 speed drivetrain downshift issues

The Bottom Bracket is Truvativ ISIS. The cups says no spacers. The chain is Shimamo 9 speed Ultregra 6500. Dura Ace 7700 shifters with Shimano LX Top Pull Front Derailleur. On down shifts from the big ring the chain does not drop all the way to the small ring. So the cranks spin for a moment ti ... Read More »

Pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong

Right now the time is 11:30AM PDT on a Saturday in California. It's 2:30AM Sunday morning in Hong Kong. A Putin-style crack down may start any minute now. Turn your TVs on and watch it live. [URL=""]NY Times : Marti ... Read More »

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