Zipp Speed Weaponry Handle Bar Tape Bar Tape

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Zipp Handlebar Tape is embossed with the Zipp logo and it comes with Zipp's snazzy carbon fiber bar end plugs. Sure grip, padded comfort, pure Zipp style. Your pick of black, white, or red.

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Bought a bike. Now what colour handle bar tape?

I know this a very personal choice. But like to hear what colour handle bar tape you prefer (black or celeste). Your choice/reasoning may assist my decision. Thanks. [ATTACH=CONFIG]273132[/ATTACH]Read More »

New handle bar tape

Hi, Just got some new lizard skins (as recommended by LBS due to me wanting white) on Thursday. 40 miles later and this is happening. Should I return to them for re-install, new tape, or a different type? I'm assuming this is not normal... Thanks!Read More »

fizik handle bar tape

I know there are lots of fans of this tape. I have a question though, it's in good condition I attempt to reuse it on another handle bar. But the result isn't very good because the tape doesn't stretch very well and there are pockets and wrinkles, maybe due to their previous shape. Or do ... Read More »

Best handle bar tape?

My current set has run its course and im wondering what are some of the best option out there. All suggestions will be greatly appreciated.Read More »

Handle bar tape

Has anyone used Fizik bar gel? Do any of you use, or have used sram handle bar tape? and how do you like them?Read More »

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