3T 2x2 Handlebars

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The 3T 2x2 Carbo Palm handlebar comes from the skilful combination of Alluminium alloy and Carbon fibre. The heart of the handlebar is realised in double butted AL 6061 T6 opportunely shaped in the top part to give best comfort of driveability in the high grip position. The outer surface is reinforced with layers of H.M. Carbon fibre, which give great stiffness and reliability performance in the most extreme conditions. The central diameter is oversize which increases up the handlebar stiffness,whilst the drops have the classic 3T anatomic shape.

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wheel build...2x2!

If a wheel is built preferably a rear wheel with 24 spokes(triple butted bladed) 50mm. and laced 2x on both drive side and non-drive side will that be a stronger build than if it were built with just radial (non-drive) and 2x drive side?Read More »

2x2, frame options?

Thanks for any advice on the following. i know this is a bit open ended. I built up a mountain bike frame with horizontal dropouts to be a 2x2 "singlespeed" commuter. two chainrings, two cogs spaced on a shimano freewheel hub. one chain tug. one chain length because total gear teeth are the ... Read More »

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