Avenir Classico Handlebars

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  • Inspiried by the great Italian road races of the 20th century - shallow drop, full round bend with a 31.8mm center for a stiffer bar.

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Nuovo Classico

Anyione out there own one? Friend of mine looking at purchasing one. Looks gorgeous in green.Read More »

De Rosa Nuovo Classico

Hi - here's a few shots of my new De Rosa Nuovo Classico...it just arrived from the other side of the country last night. The bike has been hastily reassembled so please no comments about the awkward set up of bars / saddle. An unusual collection of parts here: C-Record brake levers and front der ... Read More »

Nuovo Classico geometry

I know the Nuovo Classico from the 90s is supposed to have relaxed geometry, but does anyone know specifically how it varies from a 90s Primato? I have a Primato in Columbus EL/OS and I reckon it has a fairly laid back seat tube. Is the Nuovo Classico more relaxed than that? Also, what can anyone te ... Read More »

De Rosa Nuovo Classico 60 cm

Saw this on eBay [URL="http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150408414462&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:US:1123"]here[/URL]--slightly too big for me. He emailed the geometry to me: Top c-t-c = 59 seat c-t-c = 61 head = 18.5Read More »

De Rosa Nuovo Classico?

Does anyone know anything about the Nuovo Classico. I am looking at purchasing a used one, but I don't know much about De Rosa bikes. It has all Campy components. I would love some advice! Thanks.Read More »

Read More »



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