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  • Material: Carbon Monocoque T-700

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Used bike shopping: Klein Quantum vs. Bianch Eros

Not sure what model year the Klein is, possibly a 2000-02. It has the purple paint that changes to green depending on light. Shimano 105 triple. The owner states that it is a Quantum Race, but a little research doesn't turn up anything about the Quantum Race Triple having 105 so possibly the compone ... Read More »

BB options for old Klein Quantum? Help?

Hi guys. I'm mechanically enkleined and absolutely in love with my early Klein Quantum. But I'm very ignorant about bottom brackets. This bike has the Klein pressed-bearing, square-taper spindle. I need new cranks. Questions: Can I go with newer BB30 bottom bracket/cranks? If I'm stuck with squa ... Read More »

1989 NOS Klein Quantum build advise.

Hello all I have recently come across a NOS 89' Klein Quantum and am not sure how I should build it up, so I thought I would through it out to some other bike enthusiasts. I have been thinking about Dura Ace groups set, and have not decided on hubs/rims. I also don't know if I should keep it period ... Read More »

Klein Quantum II, what do you guys think of this one?

Been searching for road bike for a while now. Have been looking at Allez's and 1.2's but came across this on craigslist today and people seem to love them. [url=]Klein Quantum II Road Bike MSRP (new): $2,095.00[/url] Frame & Fork Frame Construction ... Read More »

Klein Quantum Carbon Fork

I picked up my first road bike this spring, a '93 Klein Quantum... Great bike, I've had a ton of fun riding pavement after being a dirt junkie for most of my life... That said, I'm considering putting a different fork on it to smooth out the ride... However, there seems to be some proprietary issue ... Read More »

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